May 27, 2011


Steve Kuzmack, president of Fringe Benefit Experts, has helped business owners, individuals and families in the areas of insurance and financial security since becoming insurance licensed in the State of California in 1994.  Steve offers knowledge and experience in the areas of Prevailing Wage Fringe Benefits,  Group Health Insurance, Medicare Advantage and Supplemental plans.  He has built a team of CFP’s, CPA’s, Certified Payroll Experts and Labor Compliance Professionals.  This team approach has proven to benefit contractors who want to stay get ahead financially and remain compliant.

Steve has a special relationship with the construction field which began with helping contractors and suppliers in the roofing  industry in the mid 1990’s.  He served as a Past Board Member of the San Diego Roofing Contractors Association.  Steve has since developed relationships with contractors across many trades.  These clients participate in both the Public and Private sectors.

In his spare time, Steve and his wife enjoy raising and keeping up with their twin boys, traveling, cycling, road trips, the beach, movies and just about anything active.

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