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Why Choose Fringe Benefit Experts

Expertly Navigating the Complicated Nature of Prevailing Wage
Our team includes Certified Payroll Gurus, Labor Compliance Specialists and Insurance Pros

The focus of our Prevailing Wage/ Fringe Benefit service is to increase the bottom line profit for non-union contractors who perform prevailing wage work. Whether your work is Federal, State or Local…we can help lower your labor burden so as to win more bids and improve your profit margin. We do this by leveling the playing field between non-union contractors and your fellow union competitors by getting the prevailing wage fringe dollars off payroll. By removing these dollars, you will stop paying payroll taxes, worker’s compensation premium and potentially general liability premium from your labor costs (based on the amount of fringe dollars coming off payroll). This allows you to lower your bids while still maintaining your current profit margin. Or, if you are a contractor who wins enough jobs already, removing the fringe dollars from payroll will increase your profit. Your choice.

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